Climate change is real.

Everyone needs to understand this. The reason for all extreme rain, winter, summer, and what not. Caused by none other than the human race. It’s high time now, wake up and take action against it and save the world, else the world will save itself from humans ( we all have been experiencing this now).

Now is the time

•If not now, when?•
Procrastination shouldn’t be a thing now. So much is going around the world. One delayed action, reaction, word and all the effect goes away.
A lot is happening around the world, a lot is happening with all the species.
Viruses, climate change, natural disasters like earthquake, flood, cyclone, locust attack, species dying, harrasement, racism, inequality and much more which we don’t even have knowledge about. If we are in the endgame, we cannot procrastinate. Everything should be done on time as decided. Delaying will leave you in regret. We don’t know what is next to come. If you are thinking to delay your work, action, wait and think if not now, when?
Once you start delaying things, there is no going back. It may ruin the things you’ve planned.
Do it now!


Whatever the goal or the way is more than perfection, its important to be happy. Happiness comes from within. Not everyone can be happy every moment of everyday but they can smile once a day. If someone is having a bad day just look at them and smile and make few seconds of their life happy.
It is not necessary that happiness only comes when humans are satisfied with their actions, or through money or things.
Smallest actions and gesture could become a great reason for someone to be happy.

Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like and enjoying it for everything that it is. If someone does bad to to you on purpose, the most effective way to drive them crazy is, just look at them and smile. You can never judge anyone by their looks, if they are happy and love their self, they are rich by heart and must have better living. Not every person who has a luxurious life is happy, they could be the ones staying in dark and people who can’t afford a better living could be the ones smiling.

In life whenever you lose something don’t get upset or mad or feel unlucky just think that it could be the chance of you getting something better than that, just smile and think it could be the best for you and you also get the experience of what things look like because when one door of success or happiness is closes, the other opens.

Don’t get nervous or think about what other people think of you, because even if you are the best, people are still going to judge. Don’t put the key to your happiness in someone else’s pocket. Don’t think the bad things which happened in past other than that, think of what good could happen in present or future. Don’t compare your looks, personality, skin, mind with others, everyone is unique in their own way, happy people are the prettiest.
Don’t let silly things steal your happiness.
Choose to be happy, it is good for health