Now is the time

•If not now, when?•
Procrastination shouldn’t be a thing now. So much is going around the world. One delayed action, reaction, word and all the effect goes away.
A lot is happening around the world, a lot is happening with all the species.
Viruses, climate change, natural disasters like earthquake, flood, cyclone, locust attack, species dying, harrasement, racism, inequality and much more which we don’t even have knowledge about. If we are in the endgame, we cannot procrastinate. Everything should be done on time as decided. Delaying will leave you in regret. We don’t know what is next to come. If you are thinking to delay your work, action, wait and think if not now, when?
Once you start delaying things, there is no going back. It may ruin the things you’ve planned.
Do it now!


Since past few days and maybe over months and years, there are a lot of mishappening going on. Whether it is against animals, or humans, on the basis of disease, skin color, race, caste, religion, status or gender. The technology, things, people, even the world has evolved so much compared to the earlier times, but the behaviour, mentality, toxicity, every ill mannered and unacceptable things are still the same. People grow up, study so much, learn things, but why they couldn’t fix the evilness. Who teaches them inhumanity? Who teaches them difference among the human being? Who teaches them how to misbehave?Who teaches them all the illegal stuff? Who teaches them to torture other human beings? Who teaches them to harm animals? Who teaches them to destroy the world?
These things are not taught in schools, at homes, or not even at their institutions, working places, then why and how?
Did the universe created these differences? Did god taught all this? Did the mother earth taught them?
The answer of every question is NO.
No one did, the species of human did this by themselves, to themselves.
By doing all this, they are not killing others, or the animals, or the things, by harrasing, doing illegal things, spreading the human poison.
They are getting to their end , by each action and word their end is coming near and near, it is all will be resulting in their own deaths. Death of the planet, death of mother earth, death of humanity, death of love, death of every species, death of the everything.
It is the endgame.
It is now or never.
We have brought the world in this situation, we, the humans are responsible for every thing happening, all the climatic changes, every virus, every earthquake, every cyclone, every locust attack, every flood, every fire, every death, every damage.
We need to raise our voice and bring the change in ourselves and to others, spread out, teach everyone, not to hate but to love. Bring out the humanity, make the earth a better place to live not only for humans, also for beautiful nature and animals. Everyone is important. Each one matters. Grow up, leave the toxicity behind, help others not out of greed but out of your own happiness.

Stop Asian Hate

Being a citizen of this lovely world, it feels amazing to be living in such a beautiful planet but then there are some negative impacts to it as well. Such as humans and their mindset and the hate they have inside them for others. Division on the basis of race, caste, colour. It’s so shameful that we live in 21st century, in a such a developed world, full of technologies. Still here are many people who have this mentality and hate towards other humans for existing. We haven’t grown up as a society.

It starts with one, it starts with all. Instead of questioning other, each one of us should work on ourselves and improve and help in contribute in making a world a better place and save humanity and spread love instead of hate.


Whatever the goal or the way is more than perfection, its important to be happy. Happiness comes from within. Not everyone can be happy every moment of everyday but they can smile once a day. If someone is having a bad day just look at them and smile and make few seconds of their life happy.
It is not necessary that happiness only comes when humans are satisfied with their actions, or through money or things.
Smallest actions and gesture could become a great reason for someone to be happy.

Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like and enjoying it for everything that it is. If someone does bad to to you on purpose, the most effective way to drive them crazy is, just look at them and smile. You can never judge anyone by their looks, if they are happy and love their self, they are rich by heart and must have better living. Not every person who has a luxurious life is happy, they could be the ones staying in dark and people who can’t afford a better living could be the ones smiling.

In life whenever you lose something don’t get upset or mad or feel unlucky just think that it could be the chance of you getting something better than that, just smile and think it could be the best for you and you also get the experience of what things look like because when one door of success or happiness is closes, the other opens.

Don’t get nervous or think about what other people think of you, because even if you are the best, people are still going to judge. Don’t put the key to your happiness in someone else’s pocket. Don’t think the bad things which happened in past other than that, think of what good could happen in present or future. Don’t compare your looks, personality, skin, mind with others, everyone is unique in their own way, happy people are the prettiest.
Don’t let silly things steal your happiness.
Choose to be happy, it is good for health

An year

Another year passed away.

Another year of disappointment.

Another year of happiness.

Another year of anxiety.

Another year of sadness.

Another year which gave memories.

Another year which taught lessons.

Another year which made mature.

Another year of experiences.

Another year of celebrations.

Another year of karma.

Another year just flew away😌.